Q: How do I find the pieces I wish to add to my collection?

A: You can tell us by letter or email and list the items, models or crests that you are looking for and we will offer you suitable pieces when they come into stock. Alternatively, please check our online catalogues which are regularly updated.

Q: Can I part-exchange pieces which do not fit my collection for those in your stock which do?

A: Yes you can. Please post or email us a list and we will make offers for them. Alternatively, Andrew Pine can call on you by appointment to view your surplus pieces, agree part-exchange prices, wrap and remove the pieces. If we do not have the items you require in stock, we will give you a credit voucher which you may spend on our website, in our showroom or when we offer you privately the pieces you seek before we put them on the market.

Q: Can I return pieces I have bought even if there is nothing wrong with them and I have just changed my mind about purchasing them?

A: Yes you can, any and all items purchased can be returned for a full refund within seven days providing the pieces are received in as good as condition as when they were sent out.